Blizzard 2016 Informational Hearing

7 Mar

Blizzard 2016 Informational Hearing: Tuesday, March 8th, 10:30am

Baltimore City Hall, Clarence “Du” Burns Council Chamber, 4th Floor

On the weekend of January 23rd, 2016 the City of Baltimore was hit by an historic blizzard, “Superstorm Jonas”. The more than two feet that fell from Friday through Sunday shattered the previous City snowfall record and created an unprecedented natural emergency, the effects of which were undoubtedly felt by every citizen, effectively shutting down the City and surrounding jurisdictions for days.

Big-Snowstorm-frontloader 2Baltimore City truck drivers, police officers, and firefighters worked around the clock during the crisis, allowing the City to keep basic necessities flowing and to respond to every call for emergency services from its citizens. Despite these impressive efforts and successes, many citizens felt that there were elements of the City’s response that could have been improved upon. Residents were baffled by the decisions that cleared some roads while leaving their own untouched for days.

Given the City Council’s oversight role, I asked the Council to hold a public hearing on the City’s response to this historic blizzard, in order to determine what did and did not work. We will review the effective use of the City’s resources and hear public testimony to determine how the City can better meet this sort of challenge in the future.

If you cannot attend, but would like to submit written questions or testimony, email them to the Judiciary Committee at


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