Snow Status Update – Monday, Jan. 25th

25 Jan

Snow Emergency Phase 2 remains in effect.  City offices and City Schools are closed today. Over 600 pieces of equipment and 1,000 personnel of additional resources have been called in. Secondary and neighborhood streets are now our top priority.  


The Snow Room and Emergency Operations Center is nearing 96 straight hours in operation. I know many of you are getting frustrated. As I have tried to convey, this is an historic amount of snow and it simply will not be taken care of immediately. In most instances, it will take another day or two. In some cases, we need semi-heavy equipment like a bobcat to shovel out and we also need a truck to haul out the snow – this can be a very time-intensive process.

DoT and the Mayor’s Office have encouraged all council members to have our constituents call 311 or report uncleared streets online here; I’m encouraging my constituents to share the SR#s with me at, so that my staff and I can follow up.

This will take time and will be a process – one which will require patience. Throughout the State, every jurisdiction in the wake of this storm is experiencing the same issues. Hundreds of more pieces of additional equipment have arrived today. We have made tremendous progress and expect to make more progress with these additional resources. To those of you who have given positive feedback, thank you for your understanding.


  • Crews and contractors continue to salt and plow primary, secondary and neighborhood roads. Inspectors are monitoring contractor and crew activity. Primary roads are passable with at least one lane cleared in each direction.
  • Secondary street task forces consisting of front-end loaders, skid-steers, and dump trucks are beginning to perform cleanup on neighborhood streets.
  • Youth workers completed approximately half of the assigned sidewalks yesterday.  331 kids reported for work.
  • DOT is receiving salt deliveries today.
  • The National Guard continues to support operations, and is adding reinforcements as they are released from other counties.
  • MTA is resuming limited service on all modes today.  All rides today will be free:

Parking & Road Restrictions

  • Parking continues to be restricted on any marked snow emergency routes.
  • Residents who parked for free in the 4 city parking garages can now stay until Tuesday at 6am – originally they were asked to leave Monday.  No new cars; only those already parked can stay.
  • Over 340 abandoned vehicles have been towed.


The city is partnering with MTA Mobility to ensure dialysis patients can make it to their appointments today.  The Fire Department will be teaming up with the National Guard to help people on snowed-in streets to get to mobility vehicles.

Public Works

  • No critical infrastructure impacted.
  • Broening Highway is closed due to high water under Kane Street.
  • Tuesday trash and recycling has been suspended and the makeup day is Saturday.


Shelter occupancy remains available at the Oliver Community Center, and Coppin State is already activated as a backup site, if needed.

Power Outages

Only 71 outages in the city have remained to be restored. 17 customers in Waverly have been affected; repair crews are onsite now.


The temperature is 35 degrees, the low was 18 and the high today will be 36 degrees. The winds are at 9 MPH.  There will be no precipitation today, but there will be some rain late tomorrow – so please try to shovel your storm water grates free!


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