Municipal Trash Cans are Coming to Baltimore City

15 Jan

dpw-logo_largeYou may have already heard of the City’s plans to provide 65-gallon Municipal Trash Cans to every household that currently receives mixed waste collection services by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works. The delivery of the cans is expected to start in the latter part of February 2016. It will take nearly seven months for all eligible properties to receive their cans. The delivery will be preceded by a door tag notifying residents that the can will be delivered in about 10 days and updated delivery schedules will be posted on DPW’s website,  Current trash collection days will remain the same; rear collections will remain in the rear of households, and front collections will remain in the front. 

Limited 35-Gallon Option: In addition, owners of properties that are part of a block-long group and have front collection and no rear storage criteria are eligible to receive a smaller 35-gallon can. Requests for smaller cans must be made by calling 311 by February 19, 2016. There is no need for homeowners to call to receive the standard 65-gallon can.

Additional information on the Municipal Trash Can Program is available online at…. DPW stands ready to work with communities to ensure successful implementation of the Municipal Trash Can Program and to create cleaner neighborhoods. For more information, please contact the Communications and Community Affairs Division for assistance, 410-545-6541 or send an email to –Jeffrey Raymond, Chief, Communications and Community Affairs , Department of Public Works


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