A New Way of Voting

10 Nov

evThe entire state of MD will have a new voting system in 2016 and Baltimore City Board of Elections will be preparing the voters for the changes they will see doing early voting or in the polling place on Election Day.  The Board will create awareness and educate voters on the changes coming to how Baltimore City votes; this will be accomplished through grassroots voter outreach efforts and social media.

The Baltimore City Board of Elections has designated locations where demonstrations will be occurring:





9am – 3pm

Brown Memorial Church 1316 Park Ave. 21217


9am – 3pm

Oliver Multi-Purpose Center 1400 E. Federal St. 21213


9am – 3pm

Morgan State University 1700 E. Coldspring Ln. 21251


9am – 3pm

Morgan State University 1700 E. Coldspring Ln. 21251


10am – 3pm

Boys and Girls Club Brooklyn Rec. 3560 Third St. 21225


  9am – 3pm

Harford Center for Seniors 4920 Harford Rd. 21214


9am – 3pm

Waxter Senior Center 1000 Cathedral St. 21201


9am – 3pm

Grace United Methodist Church 5407 N. Charles St. 21210


9am – 3pm

Hatton Senior Center 2825 Fait Ave. 21224


9am – 3pm

University of Maryland 621 W. Lombard St. 21201


9am – 3pm

Jewish Community Center 5700 Park Heights Ave. 21215

The goals are to promote understanding and acceptance of the new voting system among Baltimore City voters and educate them on how the new paper-based system is different from the touchscreen voting system, how polling place layouts will change, and why ballot-marking options will be different during Early Voting and on Election Day.

The Board of Elections wants to engage voters to create a positive public perception of the new voting system around the City, where citizens can come and get a hands-on experience with the new voting equipment. At each demonstration, attendees will be given a new voting system survey, which will allow the Board to capture and report the survey findings and results of each event. Through this voter outreach demonstration, the Board want to reach all eligible voters and individuals eligible to become registered voters in Baltimore.

For more information, contact Armstead B. Crawley Jones, Election Director, at 410-396-5550 or click here.

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