Styrofoam Recycling:  LAST WEEK!  

14 May

Please note the Styrofoam recycling services at 2840 Sisson Street will end on May 21.  After May 21, please place your polystyrene materials with your regular trash collection.

Styrofoam should NOT be placed in your single stream recycling.

Check Out York Road’s New Southern Gateway Sculpture @ York & 42nd St!

9 May

Southern Gateway sculptureThe Maryland Department for Housing and Community Development funded the York Road Gateway Art Project through a Community Legacy grant. Two gateway sculptures were designed by the Baltimore-based artist team of Rachel Timmins, Tim Schofield, and Kyle Miller for the project. The team is well-known locally for their “Light City Peacock” which has traveled nationally and internationally.

The northern gateway art sculpture is located at York Road @ Belvedere Ave, and the southern one is located on the new campus of Restoration Gardens 2 at 42nd Street & York Road.  A team of representatives from the Govanstowne Business Association and the York Road Partnership’s Public Spaces & Greening Committee has worked to shepherd this project forward.

Chinquapin Run Stream Restoration Project in Progress

2 May

Chinquapin Run – Stream Restoration for New Northwood, Woodbourne Heights, Glen Oaks, Chinquapin Park-Belvedere, Lake Walker and Cameron Village Areas:  

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) is required to restore 20% of the City’s impervious area and treat stormwater entering its waterways per its federal Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. Chinquapin Run stream restoration project is one of the locations that was identified in the City’s Watershed Implementation Plan.

What is proposed for Chinquapin Run Stream? The proposed project restoration work shall include stabilization and protection along Chinquapin Parkway, restoration of actively eroding banks, bank grading, manholes protection, and creating all possible wetland cells. This project is part of SC910- Sewer Line Replacement.

What is Stream Restoration? Stream restoration is the re-establishment of the general structure, function and self-sustaining behavior of the stream system that existed prior to disturbance. It is a holistic process that requires an understanding of all physical and biological components of the stream. Restoration includes a broad range of measures, including the removal of the disturbance that are causing stream instability; installation of structures and planting of vegetation to protect stream banks and provide habitat; and the reshaping or replacement of unstable stream reaches into appropriately designed functional streams and associated floodplains.

Comments /Questions:   Email: , or call (410) 396-4700.

Important Message from DPW:  You can use ANYTHING to hold your recyclables…JUST NOT PLASTIC BAGS!

25 Apr

Plastic bags jam the machines at the recycling processing plant.  If you use plastic bags to collect your recyclables, please be sure to empty the contents into a bin, paper bag, cardboard box, old laundry basket, or any other marked container before setting it out for collection.  Please take your empty plastic bags to your local grocer or other local retailers who make recycling for plastic bags available.  Thanks!

Baltimore City Department of Public Works Press Release: DPW Director Chow Addresses National Water Issues as the Cover Story of Leading National Journal

1 Mar

Baltimore City Department of Public Works Director Rudolph S. Chow, P.E, along with the C.E.O. of the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) Adam Krantz, have penned the cover story for the latest edition of the Clean Water Advocate.

The article, PAYING THE PRICE, outlines the current dual national crises of addressing our aging water, wastewater, and storm water infrastructure, and also the associated rising costs of water and the impact on our poorest citizens.

Baltimore is used as an excellent case study because it has old pipes and a significant portion of its population is below the poverty level. In addition it is only a few dozen miles from Washington and this article is addressed to Congress and the E.P.A., asking them to take urgent steps to address these issues.

In spite of promises from the White House on infrastructure initiatives, these have not yet panned out. In addition to the obvious needs to upgrade our mains and tunnels, federal mandates have placed extraordinary burdens on local budgets, and in turn on every citizen. 

The Clean Water Advocate is a publication of NACWA, the nation’s recognized leader in legislative, regulatory and legal advocacy on the full spectrum of clean water issues, as well as a top technical resource for water management, sustainability and ecosystem protection interests.

The Winter 2018 edition, with this article, can be found here:

Youth Works! Summer Jobs Launch Careers: Deadline is THIS FRIDAY, March 2!

1 Mar

All Baltimore City residents between the ages of 14 and 21 are eligible to apply for the Youth Works summer jobs program which connects young people to work experiences with private sector, nonprofit, and public sector employers.  The application website is: .  Additional information can be found on: and on Youth Works Facebook page.  For any additional information:  Ernest F. Dorsey, Assistant Director, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, (410) 396-6722 or   All Baltimore City Middle and High School students received this information from their schools earlier this month. 

Spring Clean and Green Opportunities:

1 Mar

It’s time to get our hands dirty to beautify our community!   Projects include flower planting, street & alley clean up, painting & more! 

Upcoming Volunteer Days:

  • March 24
  • April 7


Meet at 5104 York Road

Tools Provided.  All are welcome!

Submit a project here.

Preference given to projects on or adjacent to York Road.

Contact to sign up.

Care A Lot Program: Application Deadline Extended: Friday, March 9th by 5 p.m.

1 Mar

Program Background


CARE- A -LOT is a city led effort to develop sustainable, innovative greening strategies to transform vacant lots into assets for a growing Baltimore City. The purpose of BMORE Beautiful’s Care -A -Lot Program is to support innovative community groups and organizations in the cleaning, maintenance and beautification of vacant lots in Baltimore


Grant Opportunities

CARE-A- LOT annually selects community based organizations for the program through a competitive application process. Selected groups can receive a grant fund up to $5,500 for caring for up to 25 lots. The value of the grant depends on the number of vacant lots maintained and equates to $22 per lot visit for a total of 10 visits per lot during the grant period (May –October)


Please direct questions to BMORE Beautiful Program Liaisons: Natasha Neale or Kwame Rose.  or  410-396-6909

Take the Community “Pulse” Survey Today!

1 Mar

In collaboration with the York Road Partnership, Loyola is offering this survey through March 2, 2018 to elevate common challenges and opportunities among our Greater Govans and York Road communities.

You’re invited to participate:  GREATER GOVANS/ YORK ROAD COMMUNITY “PULSE” SURVEY 2018  (Survey link:


In 2008, Loyola University Maryland’s strategic plan called for Loyola to engage more deeply in improving the quality of life for all persons living, working, and learning in our York Road corridor communities.  After a listening project with residents, focus areas of 1. Strengthening the York Road commercial corridor, 2. Enhancing youth development and education, 3.  Building neighborhood civic capacity, and 4. Addressing Food Security emerged.  Together, over the past ten years, partnerships between Loyola and York Road Partnership area neighborhoods, residents, businesses, organizations and communities have led to commercial corridor planning, afterschool programs, strengthened relations, and projects like the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market.


Residents, and individuals from non-profit and for profit organizations that live, work, worship and play within the York Road Partnership’s boundaries are eligible to receive a $10 CVS gift card for completing the survey’s multiple choice questions. (Loyola University Maryland students, faculty and staff are not eligible to receive a gift card.)


Malik Jordan is also available to administer the survey in paper form to your group. (Only one survey and gift card per person, online or paper!)


If you have any questions contact Malik Jordan, or 410.617.2771.  If you have any questions about your rights as a participant, contact the Loyola University Maryland Institutional Research Board, at or 410.617.2188.


*The York Road Partnership’s boundaries are: 39th Street (south) to Baltimore City/County Line (north) and from Charles Street (west) to the Alameda (east)


Citizen Police Academy

1 Mar

Interested in learning about law enforcement?  Want to learn more about the Baltimore Police Department?  Join us for our 2018 Spring Citizens Police Academy!

When:  Every Tuesday, March 6-May 22, 5:30-9pm

Where:  Hosted at the Baltimore Police Training Academy, 3500 W. Northern Pkwy

Learn about:  Aviation . SWAT . K-9 . Media Relations . Investigations . Use of Force Training & Policy . Defensive Tactics . Police Procedures & Ethics . Decision Making & Judgement Application . Crime Scene Procedures & Forensics . Establishing Community Partnerships . Traffic Enforcement & MUCH MORE

Contact:  Community Engagement Unit:  443 984-7411 or

Participants must be 18 years of age or older and reside within Baltimore City

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